Daymak Announces $250 Million in Pre-Order Commitments for Full Avvenire Lineup of Light Electric Vehicles

Three-wheeled Spiritus EV receives nearly 4,000 pre-orders in first 30 days of pre-order campaign

TORONTO, May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Daymak International Inc. (“Daymak”), a pioneer in personal Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), today announced that its new Electric Vehicle (EV) series, Daymak Avvenire, has $250 million in pre-order commitments from consumers and dealers. The Daymak Spiritus, the fastest three-wheeled electric commuter vehicle on the market, kicked off its pre-order campaign in March and has nearly reached the 4,000 pre-order milestone in just 30 days. Real-time information on pre-orders across the series is available at

The new Avvenire Series is a comprehensive line-up of ground-breaking personal LEVs including solar e-bikes, three-wheeled electric cars, flying electric vehicles, as well as fully enclosed recumbent e-bikes, eATVs, and mobility scooters. The Avvenire Series comes standard with patent-pending Daymak Ondata wireless charging technology and was designed with a connected, accessible future in mind. Built to the specifications of tomorrow, the Avvenire Series will propel consumers into a safer, greener, and more efficient future.

“At Daymak, we’re rallying a movement of people who are passionate about tech, the environment, and want something better out of their transportation – faster, cooler, and greener than ever built before – which we believe is a gap that exists in the market today,” said Aldo Baiocchi, President of Daymak. “The market validation that we have received through our commitment campaign is certainly encouraging and we’re tracking to meet our 50,000 pre-order goal for the Spiritus model by July 2021.”

“We’ve been building electric vehicles since 2002, have a world-class global distribution network, and are the right people to make this vision come to life,” said Baiocchi. “We are also actively pursuing opportunities to merge with a SPAC or alternate public offering in the near future.”

The full Avvenire lineup includes:

  • TERRA: an all-terrain e-bike loaded with technology, including built-in solar panels, LED display, GPS, and speakers
  • FORAS: a fully-enclosed, recumbent e-bike fitted with solar panels, climate control, and an entertainment system
  • TECTUS: an AWD, electric, fully-enclosed mobility scooter purpose-built for enabling those with limited mobility to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of an enclosure
  • ASPERO: a fully-enclosed, AWD e-ATV, fitted with solar panels, climate controls, powerful motors, and an entertainment system
  • SPIRITUS: a three-wheeled, two-seat commuter EV with optional auto-pilot, WiFi connection, AC, solar trickle charging and full entertainment system
  • SKYRIDER: an elegant and high-performance electric flying vehicle designed to take you from point A to point B at the click of a button

All Daymak Avvenire products, both Deluxe and Ultimate models, can now be pre-ordered online in a variety of tiered perk packages starting with a refundable $100 deposit. The Spiritus Campaign does not support refunds. Non-refundable options start at $100, $200, and increase incrementally to $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and $50,000.

For more information on the Daymak Avvenire Series or to pre-order your vehicle of the future, visit

About Daymak, Inc.
Daymak, Inc., founded in 2002 with headquarters in Toronto, is a pioneer in personal light electric vehicles (LEVs). Daymak has a world-class global distribution network including 150 dealers and big-box retailers like Walmart, Costco, and Best Buy. Daymak is the number one distributor and developer of LEVs in Canada with more than 100,000 vehicles sold, and is known for cutting-edge designs like the world’s first fully wireless e-bike and Canada’s first solar-powered, off-road e-bike.

The Company’s Daymak Avvenire Series is a comprehensive line-up of ground-breaking personal mobility vehicles including everything from electric cars to electric flying vehicles, set for production starting in 2022. Daymak Ondata, Daymak’s patent-pending wireless charging technology, is a more compact, cost-effective and scalable solution than any other wireless charging technology available on the market today.

Daymak continues to redefine powered mobility, empowering individuals to make statements, not emissions, on their way to a connected, accessible future. To explore that future please visit

The Daymak Avvenire Series pre-order campaign is now live. To reserve your vehicle visit

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